Frequently Asked Questions

October 2013

This is a list of common questions about introni, and the answers to them. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact us by e-mail at feedback (at) introni (dot) com. Thanks!

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What is introni?

introni is the smart way of exchanging contact information, and the best way to remember the people you meet. When you meet a lot of people, you want to stay in touch with many of them, but entering their contact details into your smartphone can be difficult, tedious, and error-prone. With introni, you can capture all the important details from the other person's phone screen in mere seconds.

Later you can also remember the people you met by looking at the history of your meetings. When you capture someone's contact details using introni, it saves a record of the situation. You can add the place and an ongoing calendar event to this record.

How does it work?

When you receive someone's contact details, introni uses your smartphone's camera to register a piece of digitally encoded contact information. This is known as a QR Code (or Quick Response Code), and it contains all the details you need.

When you show your contact information to the person you meet, introni creates a QR Code from your own details (or anyone's in your smartphone's address book) and displays it on the screen, ready for capture.

The person I met doesn't have introni. What do I do?

It will take a while until everyone has introni on their phone. Initially introni is available for iPhone, and later on also for Windows Phone and Android devices.

In the meantime, direct people to introni by tapping the top left corner of the screen and showing the instructions to the other person. This way they can quickly get introni for iPhone, or get information about upcoming versions.

You can also just tell them to open App Store on their iPhone and search for "introni".


How do I share my contact information with someone?

First make sure that your phone's address book has an entry for you, if it doesn't already. Put your name, number, and other details there, and label them accordingly; your work phone should be labeled "work", your home phone should be labeled "home", and so on. You can also enter any other details, like e-mail addresses, web pages, and so on.

The first time you start introni, you will be asked if you want to select your own contact. This is where you can select your own address book entry. You can always change it later in the Settings screen.

Select Show from the bottom of the screen, and introni makes a digital code of the contact details. Show this to the person you meet to allow them to capture it.

Can I pass on someone else's contact details?

Absolutely. If you have someone's number in your address book, just tap on button in the top right hand corner, and select the person from the list. introni will create the QR Code from it just as usual. Please note that you should also limit the information that you pass, out of courtesy to others.

How do I make sure I don't pass information I don't want to?

If your own contact card has multiple details about you, like both your work phone number and your home phone number, obviously you may not want to share all of them. That's why introni lets you select a profile: Personal, Work, or Social.

For more information about profiles, see the dedicated section below.


How do I get someone's contact details?

When someone shows you a digital code of their contact details using introni, you can capture it quickly by selecting Receive from the bottom of the screen.

The screen will be filled by a camera viewfinder. Point it to the other person's screen, hold your phone still, and wait for the camera to focus. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds for the QR Code to be recognized.

introni will decode the information and show you a contact card already filled in with the details.

I'm having trouble capturing the contact details from the QR Code. What's up?

Make sure there are no bright lights overhead reflecting from the phone screen, and that the QR Code is clearly visible in the viewfinder. Also, hold your phone as still as possible while you let the camera focus automatically.

If the QR Code contains a lot of information, it may become almost too dense to capture in some conditions. We're trying to figure out how to limit the information so that it can be easily captured. However, most contact cards only have a name and a few phone numbers, so this shouldn't be a problem for most.


What is included in the profiles?

The standard profiles in introni -- Personal, Work, and Social -- pick up information from the selected contact card that is labeled in standard ways. For example, the Personal profile will pick up home phone numbers, home addresses, home e-mails etc., while the Work profile will similarly pick up work details.

The Personal profile has your iPhone numbers, any home phone numbers, home e-mail, home address, birthday and nickname (if they are found).

The Work profile includes work phone and pager numbers, work e-mail addresses, the work address, job title and organization, and LinkedIn page address.

The Social profile does not have phone numbers, but instead the Facebook page and Twitter handle of the contact, if any.

Can I check what's in the code?

Yes. Tap the circled "i" to the right of the profile selector. This will list all the contact fields that are encoded inside the QR Code.

Contact groups (Premium)

What are contact groups?

On the iPhone, each contact in your address book may belong to one or more groups. This provides you a way of organizing your contacts by purpose: people to call, pupils' parents, football team, and so on.

How can I use contact groups?

Contact groups are available in introni as a premium component available to buy from inside the program. When you tap the Group row in the meeting details after you capture someone's contact details, you will be directed to make a purchase.

To assign a contact to a group, just tap the name of the group in the list. To add or delete groups, tap Edit and use the standard iPhone editing controls.

If I delete a group, will it delete the contacts in it?

No. The contacts will still remain in your phone's address book.


What are meetings in introni?

When you capture someone's contact details, introni saves a record of the situation. Typically the time and the geographic location are saved, but you can also add the place and any ongoing calendar event if you wish. This information will help you later to remember where you met someone, and what was going on.

What is the meeting list for?

The meeting list is a catalog of your meetings where you captured someone's contact information. It tells you how long ago it happened, and also if you actually met someone or if their contact details were passed on to you by someone you met, using introni.

Tap the circled "i" at the right of each row on the list to get a complete view of the person associated with the meeting. Note that you may have removed the person from your address book, but the record of the meeting still remains in introni.

What is the meeting map for?

The meeting map is a premium feature of introni, available to buy from inside the program. It shows you information about the people you meet plotted on a map. When you tap an icon on the map, you will get information about the person you met in that place.


I saw a movie poster with a QR Code in it. Can I read that with introni?

Posters often contain web addresses as QR Codes, so that you can quickly get to the website of the movie, event, or somesuch using your mobile web browser.

If you scan a QR Code that contains a web address, introni will offer to open the Safari browser with that address.

I get a lot of printed business cards. Can I use introni to capture the information from them?

Not as such. Printed business cards typically have textual information. Some applications are able to read the text of the business card using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). introni does not use OCR, because in practice it is quite prone to errors, and the effort to scan the card and check the results against the business card can become almost as big as typing it all in.

However, some business cards have a the same information also as a QR Code. If it is in the standard vCard format, introni can decode it and add the person to your address book.

introni makes a sound whenever I capture something. Can I turn it off?

Yes. Go to Settings and turn the Sound switch to Off.

I have a question about introni / I want to report a problem.

We'd love to hear from you; go to Settings and select Give feedback about introni. This will open an e-mail where you can type what's on your mind, and send it quickly from your iPhone. You can also contact us at feedback (at) introni (dot) com from any e-mail system.


Where are the contact details stored?

introni uses the standard address book in your smartphone for everything. On the iPhone it is called Contacts. If you have set it up to synchronize to iCloud or to your desktop computer, any changes made by introni will eventually end up there too.

What is the format of the QR Code contents in introni?

The format is jCard, a JSON-encoded representation of vCard. introni can read standard vCards too.

Why jCard, and not vCard?

vCard is a complex format and not well suited to an Internet environment. Since jCard is JSON-based, it is much easier to process and also takes a little less space in the QR Code.