About introni

Meeting people is easy, but saving their contact information is hard.

Wouldn't you rather be talking to someone than tapping their number into your phone? And will you ever type in even just a few of all those business cards you got?

introni is a quick and easy way to capture name, phone number, e-mail address, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn details and more, without any network or cloud connection.

introni saves you the trouble of entering data, and it always gets numbers and addresses right - no flipped bits and no missing 'at' signs.

No setup, no pairing, no log-in, no cloud, no hassle. It just works.

Key features

Works anywhere. No network connectivity needed. The contact information is digitally encoded into a QR Code on your phone screen. The other person can capture the information using their smartphone camera.

Works out of the box. No accounts, log-ins, passwords or setup needed. Just install the app and you are ready to go.

Private and secure. Your contact information belongs to you, and introni is cloudless. No online services are used to process or transfer your personal data.

Decide what to give out. introni has a profile selector for Personal, Work or Social profiles, so you can share only what is relevant.

Easy to manage. Contacts are saved straight into your phone's own address book (no duplicated data).

More than a phone number. All the contact information you need with a single transfer. Need the street address? Or Twitter handle? E-mail address? If they shared it, you already have it.

Made in Finland

introni was designed and developed in Tampere, Finland.

Looking for the beta? It's here.